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Qingdao Quenda Terahertz Technology Co., Ltd. ( Quenda THz for the following short name )Is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of terahertz technology. It is also a group member of Qingdao Quenda Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Based on the accumulation of THz spectroscopy and imaging technology, the company has successfully completed the transformation of three THz systems achievements , which are high-precision THz time-domain spectroscopy system, fast THz time-domain spectroscopy system and THz three-dimensional tomography system. Subsequently, three new products were launched, including terahertz time-domain spectroscopy teaching and research system, high-speed terahertz time-domain spectroscopy system and automatic conformal terahertz non-destructive testing system.

On the basis of the commercialization of terahertz spectroscopy and imaging system, Quenda THz has developed a series of core components, such as high-precision optical fiber delay line, fast optical fiber delay line, terahertz source detector, femtosecond laser, integrated terahertz lens, high-precision two-dimensional scanning platform, sample bin unit, signal acquisition and processing unit, lock-in amplifier. As a domestic manufacturer of THz core components, Quenda THz is one of the few with independent R & D and production capacity of the whole chain.
At the same time, the company is cooperating with dozens of domestic research institutes, power and military enterprises, high-speed rail, dangerous chemicals research institutions, hospitals, cultural protection institutions and other units to carry out extensive application research in various fields, and has completed a number of integrated system solutions for aerospace thermal insulation materials and coatings non-destructive testing, providing users with one-stop service.

Quenda THz attaches great importance to the scientific and technological research and development. Having established Mianyang Technology Research and Development Center and Qingdao Product Research and Development Center, the company is capable of designing, researching and developing Terahertz basic technology, integrated technology and application technology. Professionals from all around the world gathered in this company, and more than 90% of them have bachelor's or doctoral degree.Since its establishment, Quenda THz has actively cooperated with external institutions in the research and development of Terahertz related technologies.

At present, the company is rated as The Directional Training Institution for China Academy of Engineering Physics Doctors", “Practice Base for the doctors of Fluid Physics Institute in China Academy of Engineering Physics", Workstation for Qingdao Terahertz Spectral Imaging Experts ", The Member of Shandong Metrology and Testing Organization", The Industrial and Scientific Research Space Cooperated with Qingdao University" and Collaborative Innovation Center for Marine Observation and Broadband Communication Technology ". Through extensive cooperation with external scientific research institutions, Quenda THz has formed a comprehensive platform, which researches and develops not only terahertz technology and products ,but also other band optoelectronic products.

青岛青源峰达太赫兹科技有限公司(Qingdao Quenda Terahertz Technology Co., Ltd.)是青岛青源峰达控股集团有限公司成员企业,是一家专注于太赫兹领先技术研究与应用的高新技术企业。





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